Saturday, April 7, 2012

Can't Keep Up

I have loved blogging so far.  It's only been a few months, but it has given me a space to reflect that I haven't had before.  Unfortunately, time is always an issue and work has eaten me alive.  Over the last few weeks I've desperately wanted to share a few things but I haven't had time to write a post.  Among these is:
(1)  what I did for Pi day because we had a few really amazing activities.  We made mathscots (like mascots, heh heh).  Enough said I think.  Here's our wall of mathscots:

(2) I've wanted to discuss how my students did on their most recent state tests (every one of my high school students passed, only half of my 8th graders did.  I think I know why my 8th graders didn't do so well, and I don't think it's my fault, but I have to plan an emergency 3 weeks of test prep material thus contributing to my lack of time to blog.
(3) I've really wanted to share and get advice on several lesson plans including my feeble attempts to teach the FTC for the first time.
(4) And finally, I've really wanted to share about this amazing all school science project we've been working on for two months.  The whole school is grouped into four large, multi age teams and each grade level in each team has an engineering challenge they must complete.  Then they will complete with other age levels in other teams in a grand competition.  The large multi-age teams will have to make documentaries of the entire process and present these documentaries to 200-300 community members on Exhibition night.  Our kids are building large generators, trebuchets, catapults, and balistas.

Unfortunately, as cool as the exhibition is, it leaves me with less than no time for outside activities like blogging.

On top of this all, my husband has been accepted into a PhD program in Stony Brook, New York so I'm going to have to leave my job and move across the country.  Listening to all these reports of teachers losing their jobs right now, it's really scary to leave a job that I'm so secure in for the unknown.  Plus the New York education department might feel like an anvil falling on my head compared to how lax the Oregon Department of Education is.  No one here is looking over my shoulder.  My impression of education in New York is that teachers are watched a lot more carefully and that they run a much tighter ship over there.  I'm terrified.  What will I do if I'm not a teacher?  If I can't find a job?  My whole identity is wrapped up in my profession.

I hope I can write a real post soon because I'm desperate for advice on some of my lesson plans, but for now, this will have to do.  If anyone has any advice about getting a job in New York, I'm all ears.  I'm frantically trying to pull together my resume and cover letter, but I'm so used to easy going Oregon.

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