Here are all the lessons I've been making for geometry.  They're very condensed as my school right now only gives us 50 hours of instructional time to get through a year's worth of material.  I'm also definitely still editing these and they're very incomplete because I'm a little overwhelmed with 8 preps (7th grade math, pre-alg, alg 1, geometry, pre-cal, chemistry, calculus, and Japanese) but I want to throw them out there just in case my insanity might be useful to someone else.

These should be downloadable in .docx form but the formatting might get a little wonky.  When I'm more energetic, I'll offer up pdf versions too.

Unit 1: Geometry Basics

Geometry Lesson 2- Basics of Points, Lines and Planes

Geometry Lesson 3-Algebra Properties

Geometry Lesson 4-Review of Linear Equations

Geometry Lesson 5-Midpoint and Distance Formulas

Geometry Lesson 6-Introduction to Angles

Geometry Lesson 7-Cutting up Angles and Introduction to Triangles

Geometry Lesson 8- Review and Test for Unit 1

Unit 2: Logic

Geometry Lesson 9- Introduction to Logic

Geometry Lesson 10- Manipulations of Conditional Statements

Geometry Lesson 11- Direct and Indirect Proofs

Geometry Lesson 12- Logic Review and Performance Assessment

Unit 3: Proving Theorems about Lines and Angles  (Still working on these)

Geometry Lesson 13- Postulates and Theorems

Geometry Lesson 14-Proving Theorems about Angles

Geometry Lesson 15-Parallel Lines and Transversals Theorems

Geometry Lesson 16- Postulates and Theorems Review and Assessment

Unit 4: Congruence

Geometry Lesson 17- Proving Triangles Congruent

Geometry Lesson 18- Segments within Triangles

Geometry Lesson 19- Trickier Congruence Proofs

Geometry Lesson 20- Review of Congruent Triangles and Assessment

Unit 5: Constructions and Semester 1 Review and Final

Geometry Lesson 21- Constructions

Geometry Lesson 22- Review game for Final and Semester 1 Final


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