Monday, September 16, 2019

Average Rate of Change for Pre-Calc

Here's an average rate of change activity I cooked up.  I thought I'd share it just because I couldn't find anything like it when I did my own internet dive. 

I'm teaching pre-calc in a semi flipped classroom model this year.  We're going to spent 2-3 days per section of the textbook and rather than teaching any of the textbook content, we're opening each section with a thoughtful activity, their homework is to read the textbook and do check in problems, then the next day in class they're working problems from the exercise section of the book.  So the below activity is to introduce the idea of average rate of change and how it's used without having formally talked about the concept before.  

I'm going to start with Sam Shah's "What does it mean to be going 58 miles per hour at 2:03pm" worksheet.

Then here's the worksheet I made:

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