Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Math Teacher Anthem

We had a workshop yesterday where each teacher at our school showcased a lesson to all the students and the other teachers.  In the morning, the two music teachers had an awesome song writing workshop.  Our kids busted out the most heartfelt, funny, tuneful ballads.  The other math and science teacher, the history teacher and I got together in group to write a song which none of us had ever done before.  It turned into more of a poem and most of the clever bits were thought up by the history teacher, but I'm proud to say that the original idea and some of couplets were mine.  I think that this may need to be the official math teacher anthem:
Doesn't matter if its black or light
Fill my cup and you fill my life

Sandy knocked out gasoline
But please don't limit my caffeine

Cup of Joe
Sweet and low

Paper work stacking up
Please oh god just fill my cup

You can keep your weak green tea
I think that Dunkin' runs on me

Thoughts are sluggish, head aches
Pump me up till fingers shake

We only had about 10 minutes to write, so I don't think it's done yet.  We need a few more couplets (is that the proper literary term?  I'm not sure...)  Any suggestions?

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