Sunday, November 18, 2012

Equations of Vertical, Horizontal, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

My new school is one-on-one instruction.  Just a teacher and a student.  In some ways this is AMAZING.  We can cover so much material, I can gear my explanations specifically to that student and take their learning styles into account, I can really see if they get it or if they're just faking it so as not to stand out.  It is not amazing in terms of games though.  None of my old games will really work.  A lot of them are team based, or competition based or communication/discussion based.  I can play some of the competition games with the student, but any of the games that are based on knowledge or practice are not too much fun because I'll always either beat the student or the student will know I'm going easy on them.  One of my boys got very upset with me when he realized I was "letting" him win.  I don't enjoy games where winning is based on chance (i.e. board games where you roll a die and answer the problem you land on.)  Or where math is just a hurdle to play the game, not the focus of it.

I've been writing a lesson plan on equations of horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines and I came up with a game that I think will be good.  Winning takes strategy combined with luck and the strategy is independent of, yet still related to knowledge of the material.  This means that hopefully, the student will have a chance of beating me while still practicing equation writing skills.  I have NO idea if this game will work, but I thought I'd share it. Horizontal, Vertical, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Game


  1. If you have taught domain/range, you could also put that as a chart when talking about starting/ending points for each line....just a random thought. Take it or leave it! :)