Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I've been so quiet because I've been in the process of leaving my old job to move all the way across the country to New York.  The prospect of the move was terrifying and leaving my kids has been so much more heart rending than I ever imagined.  Also, getting a license in New York so far hasn't been a picnic.  But I did get a job interview!  I got called for a job interview and I flew across the country and spent too many hundreds of dollars.  Today was the interview and this morning, I decided to stop by the mall to pick up some new interview clothes because all my old ones are too big and too frumpy.  I arrived at the mall at around 10:30 and the interview wasn't until 2.  No problem.  No rush.  I got the clothes and headed back out to my car around 11:15.  Yay.  Plenty of time for a coffee and a long relaxing lunch.  I duck into my rental car which is a little lower to the ground than my own wonderful Prius and BANG.  I slammed my head on the door frame.  Still, I'm thinking I'm fine, just a little dizzy and my head really hurt so I sat for a minute with my head in my hands waiting for the headache to subside.  I opened my eyes and there's blood pooling in my lap, all over my hands and car keys.  I looked up into the mirror and the right side of my head is dripping.  I stepped out of the car and headed for the nearest store hoping to find a bathroom. A lady opened the door for me, but NO ONE else commented, as I walked, covered in BLOOD through the store to the bathroom.  The lady who opened the door for me even asked a store clerk for me where the bathroom was and the store clerk just matter-of-factly told me that the bathroom was in the back of the store.  Does someone dripping blood walk through their store hourly!?  I went to the bathroom and rinsed my hands and face first, found that the cut wasn't that bad, waited for it to stop bleeding, walked back out to my car to get my interview clothes, walked back into the store with my clothes still bloody and changed in the bathroom.  All without comment from any store personnel.  I had to rinse my hair out in the bathroom sink because it was caked but all in all I was fine.  Just a little shaken.  I'm afraid it wasn't my best interview performance.  But I made it.  The cut was right next to my eyebrow and it hadn't really swollen up yet because I iced it right away so the interview people didn't even notice it.  I don't think I'll get the job because I was still so shaken that I tripped over my own tongue, but boy do I deserve it after that!